Port Guides

St Thomas

St Thomas is one of four islands that make up the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. This island on your trip is a lush green island, dotted with charming houses on the steep hillsides, and visited by many amazing yachts, some outfitted with helicopters.

Off the boat

Your ship will dock at the island so you can walk right off. Along the pier is the popular Senor Frogs bar (which you will have seen at other cruise stops) and some typical tourist shops for souvenirs and rum tasting (yes even free rum samples on the street). Beyond that though, there are no beaches and walkable destinations. You should prepare for this port to be an excursion.


Excursions offered by your ship will include many water activities (speed boats, snorkeling to see turtles, and catamarans. If you have had enough of your sea legs, there are also tours and shopping, to try rum tasting and see more of the island.

We have tried a boat ride that took us snorkeling to see turtles, then took us to a small beach to spend some time. It was a good mix of exploration and relaxation. And offered the classic rum punch for free on the boat.

We also did the speed boats. Each boat has 2 people, and you drive them out to a beautiful area to snorkel for fish and turtles, and return for yet again, the classic complimentary rum punch. (This definitely for those seeking risk and speed! I nearly flew out of the boat with the waves we were hitting.)

The roads

St Thomas roads are quite windy and narrow at times. On your excursion, you might take an open air bus. What is interesting is their more relaxed approach to alcohol and vehicles.

It is never encouraged to drink and drive, but with plenty of rum punches not finished, everyone on our excursion was encouraged to take their open drinks on the bus back to the ship! This is a common experience for many people. They even joke that there are no drinking a driving laws, other than use a straw, so you aren’t tipping the bottle to block your vision while driving. I cannot vouch for that, but the excursion drivers never drink and are very responsible.

Fun fact

St Thomas is the only place under US jurisdiction where you drive on the left side of the road.